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June 26, 2009 by Texas Wahine
Stupid question:


We have a laptop that needs to have everything wiped.  It's full of viruses and overwhelmed with programs.  It also has some family photos on it that are not saved elsewhere.  The computer place will back them up for $50 or so.

I have an external HD and can save the pics to it myself and save myself some money.  However, I have no idea if the viruses in the laptop would infect the HD.  Is that possible? 

March 23, 2009 by Texas Wahine
I tried to post a slideshow but I can't figure out how to do it.  I did post it on my blogspot blog:  http://2boys-2girls.blogspot.com/2009/03/months-1-in-pictures.html

Is it really that difficult to post a slideshow here?
March 21, 2009 by Texas Wahine
I had an NST and u/s on January 22nd, at 41 weeks, and while everything looked healthy, the staff really pressured me to schedule an induction right away since they don't like for pregnancies to go past 41 weeks. It was a difficult decision, but we chose to decline the induction and schedule another NST and u/s for 4 days later, even though we were informed that our baby could DIE within hours of our leaving without a SCHEDULED INDUCTION APPOINTMENT.

I was so frustrated and ready to go into l...
November 12, 2008 by Texas Wahine
I spoke to Sabrina today and she is hoping to go home in the next few days.  She is very sore, but getting up and around and walking several times a day.  She said she's been pretty out of it for the past two days since the surgery, but she is nice and coherent now. 

Because of her lowered immune response, her doctor would like to get her home and away from hospital germs as soon as it's safe to do so.  It's just not quite time for her to go home yet.

She has, of cours...
September 17, 2008 by Texas Wahine
September 16, 2008 by Texas Wahine
My brother and sister in law came to stay with us for a few days during Ike. They were under mandatory evac and although the circumstances weren't the best, I was super happy to have them visiting. We just don't see each other enough.

They arrived Thursday evening, and the kids were very excited to see them. Isabella took to both Jeremy and Amanda very quickly and renamed them "mommy" and "daddy". I should probably be bothered by that, LOL, but I think it's really sweet.

We did a lot of ...
September 15, 2008 by Texas Wahine
In past generations having many children was an asset, rather than the liability that it seems to be today. Reliable, inexpensive, readily accessible birth control, high levels of education, the many opportunities available for women in the workforce, a shift in societal values, the increased cost of living, and many other factors have contributed to today's trend toward smaller families.

What many couples may not realize is that the same benefits that were created by a large family are stil...
September 7, 2008 by Texas Wahine
Some pictures from Orian's birthday party on Saturday.  He is 8!

He wanted an Iron Man party, and I got the supplies from Oriental Express because it was like $20-$30 cheaper than everywhere else.  There wasn't a lot in the way of decorations, but the kit *did* come with two LARGE bags of "confetti"...orange and red paper dots (like what you get from a hole puncher).  In retrospect, dumping both bags onto the table was not my best party move.

It was a small, low-key party.&n...
September 3, 2008 by Texas Wahine
1.  The boys headed out the door on their first day of school.  I had a better pic where Xavier actually looked happy, haha, but my camera ate it. 

2.  Isabella insisted on putting on several pieces of My Little Pony clothing (dirty, btw!), pink gym shorts, one of her daddy's slippers, and a pair of my shoes.  Classy. 

3.  Big smile.

4.  She's really picky about clothes.  She usually tells them to "let goooo!".

5.  Halfway point of ...
September 2, 2008 by Texas Wahine
A baby GIRL?

We had our ultrasound today, and Isabella and I will no longer be outnumbered.  We'll be welcoming another baby girl into our family in January.  I would have been excited about either gender, but I have to say, I am feeling so fortunate to have a healthy baby girl on the way.  A nice little playmate for Isabella since the boys will be out of the house long before she is.   

August 31, 2008 by Texas Wahine
Has anyone else come across speculation that Sarah Palin's youngest child is NOT her child? 

Her pregnancy announcement came as a shock to those around her, as she announced it when she was 7 months along, and apparently, not looking the slightest bit pregnant.


A pic of her at 6 months pregnant (before the news was out):


August 30, 2008 by Texas Wahine
Extended breastfeeding is a topic that has recently come up repeatedly with online mommy groups I participate in.  It is almost always initiated by someone who is appaulled and disgusted by the idea or sight of a child breastfeeding.  What I have found interesting is how different the definition of "child" is for so many women.  Some women think an older infant (under age 1) is a child and they are horrified by the sight of an older baby nursing.  The cut-off for other women ...
August 27, 2008 by Texas Wahine
Enter my baby pool!
August 26, 2008 by Texas Wahine
I stumbled across this website a couple months ago, and have been referring back to it frequently.  Because of www.hillbillyhousewife.com, I bake bread from scratch once or twice a week.  The HH website is what prompted me to introduce powdered milk into our home (I do powdered milk with evaporated milk mixed in for flavor and it's used for baking and for eating with cereal...regular milk is only for drinking at our house).  I've made casseroles and from-scratch cinnamon rolls bas...
August 26, 2008 by Texas Wahine
I spent Sunday cleaning the garage.  It is my secret shame.  Adrian opened the garage door up so I wouldn't overheat, and I was so embarrassed as neighbors drove by, haha.  Several slowed down like maybe they thought it was a yard sale or maybe they just wanted reassurance that THEIR garage isn't really that bad?  It got to the point I was ready to tell the next person to slow down and gawk to either move along and pull over, get out, and help me.

I worked my ass off for a...