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My brother and sister in law came to stay with us for a few days during Ike. They were under mandatory evac and although the circumstances weren't the best, I was super happy to have them visiting. We just don't see each other enough.

They arrived Thursday evening, and the kids were very excited to see them. Isabella took to both Jeremy and Amanda very quickly and renamed them "mommy" and "daddy". I should probably be bothered by that, LOL, but I think it's really sweet.

We did a lot of lazing around but it was nice having company. They watched the kids for me and Adrian so we could go on a date. We went to Barnes and Noble where I got The Pregnancy Book, a chunky toddler book on how fun it is to use the potty, and Adrian picked up a zombie book (which Xavier will comandere...comandeer...comand..."borrow"). We went to see Tropic Thunder, which was absolutely hilarious, and I discovered a wonderful Blue Belle mini ice cream shop in the lobby.

Jeremy and Amanda are really great with the kids, and it was nice knowing the boys and Isabella would have fun and be well taken care of while we were away.

During the course of their stay, Jeremy and Amanda were forced to watch The Business of Being Born and Hot Rod. These two are required viewing for guests in our home. You must be this cool to enter kind of thing.

I was really sad to see Jeremy and Amanda go yesterday (literally, I have weird pregnancy hormone issues, and after they left I felt way sadder than was warranted, haha), but I am happy to know that their home is still standing. They haven't returned home yet, but their area should be ok.

So here are a few pics from the past few days.


on Sep 16, 2008

I love your slide shows.

on Sep 16, 2008

2 quick observations:

1. That little girl's a growin' like a weed! (how's that for a Texas expression, lol!)

2. Tropic Thunder? Gah! HATED IT!


on Sep 16, 2008

Thanks Ock, that's really nice!  I always wonder if I'm annoying everyone, haha, but I really like sharing!

Roy:  She really is!  She is slimming down and looking more toddler than baby, I think!  Her vocabulary is just exploding now, too.  As much trouble as it is, I really do enjoy the toddler stage. 

And Tropic Thunder...really?!?  I laughed so hard!!