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Some pictures from Orian's birthday party on Saturday.  He is 8!

He wanted an Iron Man party, and I got the supplies from Oriental Express because it was like $20-$30 cheaper than everywhere else.  There wasn't a lot in the way of decorations, but the kit *did* come with two LARGE bags of "confetti" and red paper dots (like what you get from a hole puncher).  In retrospect, dumping both bags onto the table was not my best party move.

It was a small, low-key party.  No bounce-houses or pony rides or trips to a theme park.  But I think he had fun.  Life Happens and her kiddos were there and a couple of other boys, and I was thankful we decided to keep the guest list small.  It was LOUD.  One child in particular who does not belong to me or to LH was...umm...LOUD.  Very, very, very loud.  Haha.

Orian had a great time playing with his friends, and he loved his gifts.  Lucky little boy.

Afterwards, Adrian helped the boys tape thumbtacks to the fists of the fighting robots he got and they used them to pop balloons.  LOL.  And as it turns out, Isabella is incredibly afraid of these little battling robots.  She cries, says "bots", and "I scared" while clutching at her chest and neck.  

Life Happens also helped me fix my toilet.  Haha.  Ok, well, I have to pick up a different sized part, but she is a problem solver and figured out what was wrong with my noisy toilet and took me to the store to get the needed part (I forgot the piece from my toilet to show the Home Depot people so I could get the right size, d'oh!).  It is a very cool person who will stick their hands in the back of your toilet (which is clean water, she assures me!) for you. 

Here are the pics:




on Sep 08, 2008

It looks like fun.  I absolutely have to have a great party for my little one this year.  I have been slacking in the birthday department lately - bad mommy.  The scavenger hunt is a great idea.  I always loved them. 

on Sep 08, 2008

Boudica:  They had a really good time.

The scavenger hunt is a great idea. I always loved them.

I actually didn't have anything like that planned.  I don't know very much about Iron Man, and couldn't come up with party ideas.  A friend suggested doing a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt or whatever you use clues for, haha, to make the kids search for the favor bags.  I made it up the night before.

Mine was really lame.  Like 5 clues, haha.  And they rhymed. 

I forgot to mention that Isabella accidentally stepped on the cake when it was in the cart, Haha.  The lid was on the box, so no contamination, but the lettering was not quite right!

When is your little guy's birthday?

on Sep 08, 2008

Where are the pictures of LH with her hand in the toilet !?! 

on Sep 08, 2008

Awesome pictures, TW!

on Sep 08, 2008

So guess what?  We didn't actually forget the part....I found it in my car this morning!  (And yeah, the flapper is abnormally large.  Go figure.

on Sep 08, 2008


Where are the pictures of LH with her hand in the toilet !?!

LOL.  It didn't feel like a Kodak moment to me! 

Jythier: Thanks!

LH:  Figures!!  I didn't find it anywhere in the house and I just could not think of what I could have done with it.  I was so sure I grabbed it! 

I have an abnormally large flapper.    I don't know why but that sounds hilarious to me.

on Sep 08, 2008

Great pics, looks like everyone enjoyed the party.

You'll be finding those dots everywhere from now until the end of time!  hahaha

on Sep 08, 2008

Tova:  Thanks!

No kidding about the dots!  I vacuumed some more up today.  I figure 6 months from now they will mysteriously sprout up again out of nowhere.

on Sep 08, 2008

hee hee.  Actually, I swiped a handful of the dots and I've been sneaking in and leaving them around....


on Sep 08, 2008

No kidding about the dots! I vacuumed some more up today. I figure 6 months from now they will mysteriously sprout up again out of nowhere.

I know you just put new carpet down, but if you ever happen to pull it up in several years, or whoever does, will wonder...where did all these dots come from?

on Sep 09, 2008

LH:  LOL, I'd believe it!  The back porch is covered in dots too!

BTW, the toilet works GREAT!!

Tova:  Haha.  Better to find dots than cat pee!

on Sep 09, 2008

Haha. Better to find dots than cat pee!

Or an old dessicated diaper with ashy poop from the last owners.