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1.  The boys headed out the door on their first day of school.  I had a better pic where Xavier actually looked happy, haha, but my camera ate it. 

2.  Isabella insisted on putting on several pieces of My Little Pony clothing (dirty, btw!), pink gym shorts, one of her daddy's slippers, and a pair of my shoes.  Classy. 

3.  Big smile.

4.  She's really picky about clothes.  She usually tells them to "let goooo!".

5.  Halfway point of pregnancy #4.  I am not sure if I look pregnant or just more fat, LOL. 

6.  For comparison, a pic I snagged off my SIL's Facebook.  That was when Orian was a baby.  I was tiny.  I don't think that will ever happen again.  haha.  Stars aligned just right or something. (that's SIL and brother rehearsing for their wedding, btw)

7.  I keep going into GAP and getting like 1 thing that's on clearance for 3 or 4 bucks.  It drives the cashiers crazy.  I got the top for $3.99 last week and then found the leggings this week for $3.99.  Both items were originally $12.50 each.  Seems like there used to be better deals when the boys were little, though.

I took pictures of my sonogram pics, but my camera ate them.  I am having some serious camera issues.  Ugh.


on Sep 03, 2008

on Sep 03, 2008

I always enjoy your pics.  BTW, you look preggers and not fat at all.  Congrats on girlie #2!  That is wonderful for Izzy.

on Sep 03, 2008

The first day of school! Ain't nothin' like it is there Tex?

on Sep 03, 2008

I don't want to alarm you...but according to picture #5 when you're pregnant your head turns into a bright, glaring light for some reason.


on Sep 03, 2008

Great pictures!  Izzy's cheese photo just made me laugh out loud...she is too funny.

on Sep 04, 2008

too much glare on the pregnant that your elbows...or...?

on Sep 04, 2008

You're all so cutie! 

on Sep 04, 2008


Jill:  Thanks!  I think it will be an adjustment at first but in the end, I think it's a GREAT thing for her.

Roy:  LOL, I was really looking forward to it!

Zoo:  Haha.  I need to have Adrian take my pregnancy progress pics so I can keep my head.  You're not missing much, though!  haha.

Tova:  Thanks!  I am sooooo happy to have her.  She is really a joy.  It's hard to imagine another little girl being as special, but I know the new baby girl will come along and fit just perfectly into our family too.

BFD:  Is what my elbows?  Hahahaha.  There's an elbow, boobs, back fat, tummy fat, noassatol, and umm....that's me pretty much. 

Boudica:  Thanks!  Can you tell I've put on a ton of weight since I saw you last summer?  Hehe. 

At some point I would love for us to get together again.

on Sep 05, 2008

At some point I would love for us to get together again.
  That would be fun. 

on Sep 11, 2008

Izzy is dressing herself already?? Precious! Precocious!

Great pictures. Your boys look like they're doing great, and you look FANTASTIC!