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March 23, 2009 by Texas Wahine
I tried to post a slideshow but I can't figure out how to do it.  I did post it on my blogspot blog:  http://2boys-2girls.blogspot.com/2009/03/months-1-in-pictures.html

Is it really that difficult to post a slideshow here?
August 18, 2008 by Texas Wahine
Now that I have a daughter, I get to enjoy first hand experience with the battle to find age appropriate clothing.  It starts VERY young.

My current issue is with Halloween costumes.  Isabella loves to pretend to be a kitty.  She crawls around and warbles and exaggerated "Meeeeoooow".  She loves Tom and Jerry.  A kitty cat is the perfect thing for her to "be" for Halloween. 

You would think it would be very simple to find a plain cat costume for a toddler.&n...
August 18, 2007 by Texas Wahine
I will never understand what makes an adult intentionally harm a child.

I understand frustration. I understand being in over your head. I understand being at the complete and total, indisputable, end of your rope. I still can't understand what would make an adult strike a child. Break her legs. Bruise his face. I just can't understand it.

I have 3 children. I am raising them alone for the time being. We have homework and Cub Scouts and family dinners and $100 camping trips. We have ...
July 30, 2007 by Texas Wahine
School starts back up for my boys on Wednesday, and I am determined to not make the same mistakes I did last school year. I want to be more consistent with my expectations of my children, more involved in their education, and more structured so that they succeed. I feel that I have passed some lazy habits and attitudes toward school to my children, and I want to correct that while they are still young.

It's not that I have not tried to encourage them or be involved or set boundaries previou...
April 23, 2007 by Texas Wahine
I feel so much guilt right now.  I think I may have done something really bad.

I woke Orian up this morning at 7 am.  I made sure he was awake (this was after waking up his brother).  I told him to get dressed and come downstairs for breakfast. 

When I got downstairs I changed and dressed the baby, drank a glass of OJ/water, made 2 bowls of cereal and put them on the dining room table, and sat down with my laptop and nursed the baby while checking my email and JU and a...
January 15, 2007 by Texas Wahine
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