Sex and Pregnancy
Published on December 21, 2007 By Texas Wahine In Work
Mothers are often viewed as matronly and kind of asexual. The new excitement about MILFs notwithstanding, it seems like men have often taken a hands-off approach to pregnant women.

Some men are turned off by the possibility that they may "hurt the baby" (what with their massive, cervix destroying penises, haha) while others somehow imagine that the baby "knows" and can see daddy's willy aiming at him during sexual activities. Other men want to view mothers-to-be as sacred and pure and untouchable and some men complain that the weight gain and body changes of pregnancy turn them off (I remember once watching a stand-up routine with a man who claimed he had to look at porn before sex during his wife's pregnancy so he would "know what it's supposed to look like").

Other men I have known and heard from have seemed turned on by the curvy changes of pregnancy and the ultimate female vibe that emanates from a healthy pregnant woman. In fact, there's even pregnancy porn out there. (Weird to me, but hey, lots of stuff is weird to me.)

My question is this: you find a pregnant woman (in general, but also your mate specifically if you have one) sexy and sensual and alluring? Do the curves and vibrancy of a pregnant woman drive you crazy? Or does the rounded body of a pregnant woman turn you off? you feel sexy when you are pregnant? And I'm not just talking about hormones and sex drive. Does your shape, your vitality and the affirmation of your womanhood make you feel like a beautiful, desirable partner, or do you feel fat and dumpy and undesirable?

I love pregnancy because in addition to a bountiful bosom, it's finally ok to have a tummy. I always loved my rounded figure. Even with my last pregnancy when I was really heavy, I felt good about my body.

Is a pregnant woman a sexy M-to-be-ILF or is she a turn off?
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on Dec 21, 2007
I think MY answer to that is obvious (sheepish grin). I find 'em hot!
on Dec 21, 2007
I'm with Gideon on this one. I find a pregnant woman especially alluring. My wife, for some reason, turns into a nymphomaniac when she's pregnant. During her last pregnancy, I wanted her to go into labor so that *I* could get some relief.
on Dec 21, 2007

I think MY answer to that is obvious (sheepish grin). I find 'em hot!

Great answer.

Any answer I give would just get me into trouble, since the Mrs. here is beyond the time when children could happen....

on Dec 21, 2007

I felt both desirable and undesirable at different points.  Early pregnancy feels more desirable than late pregnancy for me.  Late pregnancy is just miserable for me. 

The cleavage thing is good during pregnancy but for me, post partem it just gets to be totally ridiculous!  In general, I really enjoyed my pregnancies and having a newborn is blissful despite the sleep deprivation.

I know several girls who are due to have babies in the next couple of months and they are cute and sexy and beautiful.

on Dec 21, 2007
I loved being pregnant and felt incredibly attractive and sexy then.  I think part of it is that the body hangups take a break because you're "allowed" to be round when you're pregnant.  I do have to admit that when I got to the end of my pregnancy I didn't feel very sexy.  That was the let's get this over with point but that isn't until the very end. 
on Dec 21, 2007
Well my wife isn't preggers yet so I can't say for sure with her, I am assuming I will still find her hot.

As to other preggers chicks? Not a chance in hell, If I wanted to pork a pot belly I would go get a man, or a fat chick

I like em slim, 110 pounds max
on Dec 21, 2007
Hmm, in certain stages for me too as Jill said for her. In the beginning when I'm barfing my heart out and can't even stand the smell of my hubby, yuck, who has time to feel sexy!! The second trimester, I'm all woman and gorgeous and love every come hither my hubby sends me!! He found me very sexy and couldn't stop making out when I was preggers!! The man is just horny 24/7 anyway!! Seriously though, I find that a woman when she is pregnant can be one of the most beautiful person in the world, especially if she feels that way about herself! I didn't let that stop me from really loving myself and dressing the way I wanted to in nice clothing that flatter my belly and not dumpy clothing and I loved the fact that my hair grew like crazy!

on Dec 21, 2007

I hated being pregnant.  The limitations about drove me bonkers.  They say you can continue exercising the same way until its "not comfortable" anymore...well, after the first 3 months it was NEVER comfortable.  I don't think pregnant woman are any more or less attractive, they just look pregnant.  Doesn't really do anything for me.

I didn't feel sexy, but my libido was in over drive with both pregnancies.  For some reason, certain parts of my anatomy (below the belt line) inflated.  I could achieve an orgasm with almost no stimulation and started having wet dreams for the first time in my life...unlike the almost wet dreams before when things never quite "finished" and I woke up frustrated.  I'm tellin ya, I couldn't wait to go to sleep at night! hahahaha


You asked.

on Dec 21, 2007
@ Gid! haha.

CM: That's awesome!

terp: LOL. I'll never tell!

Jill: I think you're right. I know in the first tri when I was puking my guts up and still sporting my regular non-pregnant mommy belly I did NOT feel sexy!

But I always loved having the big round tummy.

Loca: That's the best thing about it, I think. We have so much pressure to look a certain way and pregnancy is a reprieve. And most women, even those with "problem" figures are shaped by pregnancy and have the wonderful curves and preggo silhouette.

I delivered 1 day after my due date, on my due date, and 5 days after my due date, and the end is frickin' rough! We were still "enjoying each other's company" at the end though...even when I was overdue! Hehe.

Caracarn: Part of me wants to say you're shallow for saying that, but then I realize you're just being honest, and hey, you like what you like.

You have a very specific type though!

I hope you do find your wife alluring during pregnancy...or least fake like you do!! And I double hope she is 110 or less post-preg!

FS: I'm glad your hubby can't keep his hands off you! That is awesome!

Dressing nice during pregnancy really does make a difference in how attractive you feel too!

Tova: I can see you being frustrated with limitations!!

My first pregnancy I didn't do much of anything for fear it would hurt the baby. This most recent pregnancy Adrian was gone, so I didn't have a choice about most things and it turns out you can do pretty much whatever you want when you're pregnant!

I spent more time on the treadmill during my pregnancy than after! LOL.

@ the "wet dreams"! I am lucky to have that even non-pregnant, and it is something I appreciate!! hahahaha.

Pregnancy does increase that all important blood flow to,...area! Haha. You had to go there, didn't you?
on Dec 22, 2007
Pregnant women are hot!

Besides, there's one thing you know about moms: they go all they way!

on Dec 22, 2007
Besides, there's one thing you know about moms: they go all they way!

At least once.

I am amused at the 110 lb limit. Through five pregnancies I never felt any diminishing of desire for MamaCharlie...on the subject of other pregnant women...I'm neutral. MY lady is always "hot" to me. Other ladies are, too, I guess.
on Dec 23, 2007
WOW... great article. I love pregnant women curves but I'll admit that I would have put her on a pedestal so high that I wouldn't want to touch her too often (like her body has become super holy). I do know that having sex with your pregnant wife is good for everyone involved... the baby isn't directly involves sort to speak, but sex helps with the opening of the vaginal area so I have rad many years ago... so I would have sex with her at least 3 times a month... wow tht sounds funny.

I guess I would have to say I would find her extremely attractive but a little bit untouchable. Plus what if my cervix destroying penis does something??? Can you imagine "feeling" something different with your penis head as your having sex with your pregnant wife? That would scare the crap out of e! I would have taken her to the hospital and everything. The doctors would look at me like as if I was crazy.
on Dec 23, 2007
My question is this: you find a pregnant woman (in general, but also your mate specifically if you have one) sexy and sensual and alluring? Do the curves and vibrancy of a pregnant woman drive you crazy? Or does the rounded body of a pregnant woman turn you off?

Wow, since it's been over seventeen years since I've had "carnal knowledge" (I love sayin' that, hahaha) of a pregnant woman I have to try and remember! One good thing I DO remember was the freedom as you didn't have to worry about pregnancy! But yes, I find pregnant women sexy but...pregnancy porn? No thanks   
on Dec 23, 2007
Early to mid-pregnant woman are very, very sexy. Mine especially. Late pregnancy can still be sexy, but moved into the "I don't want to add more discomfort to an already uncomfortable time" (Which isn't to say that we didn't make the effort and have a good time. I'm a sucker for curvy women though, pregnant or not.
on Dec 24, 2007
Brandie, I'm so excited your family is all back together this Christmas!
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