My problem:  Suddenly, for no apparent reason, Mozilla Firefox gets hung and will not respond/open pages.  I am not able to click on anything as the mouse-thingie is an hourglass.

I have looked for a troubleshooting FAQ, but I haven't found anything helpful yet.  I am not sure I understand the problem and I am too scared/unskilled to do anything beyond rebooting without some confirmation that I am doing the right thing. 


on Aug 11, 2007
And all of the sudden it is working again. WTF?
on Aug 11, 2007
Did you reboot? Sometimes that is all it takes for weird problems like that.

Then again, sometimes they break and fix themselves.....the wonderful work of computers...
on Aug 11, 2007
I did reboot earlier and that didn't affect it at all.

It just fixed itself apparently.

on Aug 11, 2007
IE tab extension for firefox?
on Aug 12, 2007
It may have been updating extensions or checking for updates to FF itself ...the hourglass will show & freeze FF when it does update not sure of course, but that has happened to me. I disabled auto update on every program I have because without fail the program will hang just when I am in the middle of doing something.

It's My Secret
on Aug 13, 2007
So its working again. . . (?)
on Aug 14, 2007
I'm using Firefox myself.
on Aug 14, 2007
Yep that's ff for ya more buggy holes in it than a swiss cheese *runs* from mad as a hatter ff fanboys
on Aug 14, 2007
Are you talking to me? I have NO idea what you're talking about dude. . .
on Aug 16, 2007
Unbelievable & assuming your not pulling my leg,did you read what this thread is about & why on earth can you not see the dig i'm taking @ ALL ff users,so no i'm NOT strickly talk'n to you *walks away in disbelief & thinks to self i need a drink*

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on Aug 16, 2007
You dorks crack me up.