Published on April 14, 2007 By Texas Wahine In Personal Computing

Heya Gideon.

I am hoping you can help me with this PC problem.

I finally got my new laptop and it's awesome, but it has recently started doing this annoying thing.  Sometimes it throws out this "Internet Explorer has encountered a promblem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience." message.  It's always when I have opened on a browser window, like if there are thumbnails for a pic and I click on the pic, it will open the pic then throw out that message.  Of course when i click on "Don't Send" it closes the original browser.

It's been doing this for a couple of weeks but I've been ignoring it.  Any ideas as to what is causing it?

Also there's this onesie I want to get for your baby, but it's mildly risque (very mildly).  Do you think your wife would mind?  I can email you a link if you want to make sure it's ok.  It's sooo cute.

on Apr 14, 2007
I think it has something to do with a file conflict with the browser. Try a third party browser like Firefox and see if that happens.

Is this on your Vista machine, btw? It could be because Vista is about as compatible with anything pre-Vista as Mac O/S 9

go ahead and link the onesie. We'll check it out. My def. of risque differs from most people's (LOL).
on Apr 14, 2007
Thanks. How do I go about getting something like Firefox?

Actually, I was able to get my laptop without Vista. I may regret that later, but for now, I'm glad.

Here's the onesie.

LOL, your little one is going to have to be my baby boy clothes fix since my guys are getting too big for all that cute stuff.
on Apr 14, 2007
U may want to run a virus \ adware \ spyware scan too. Those messages frequent computers that have been infected sometimes due to crashing of browsers and applications. Just a thought.
on Apr 14, 2007
oh, that's not risque at all, Tex. LOL!


Yes, another good area to check. Of course, running antivirus/spyware scans/adware scans is a good idea no matter what the issue is.
on Apr 14, 2007 for firefox, you can download it at:
on Apr 14, 2007
Ya know, tex...the onesie did make me think....

we could make a fortune off of a onesie with a baby staring at a group of ta-ta's and looking at another baby in a stroller, asking "you gonna eat that?"

on Apr 14, 2007
Thanks. And eek! at the virus possibility.

Haha, Gid, you could probably make a fortune designing t-shirts, LOL.

I've seen some really funny breastfeeding ones on the Lactavist's Cafepress site. When I was pregnant I found one I liked that said "Mother Sucker" but Adrian didn't think it was appropriate for a baby. Haha.