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August 31, 2008 by Texas Wahine
Has anyone else come across speculation that Sarah Palin's youngest child is NOT her child? 

Her pregnancy announcement came as a shock to those around her, as she announced it when she was 7 months along, and apparently, not looking the slightest bit pregnant.


A pic of her at 6 months pregnant (before the news was out):


July 10, 2005 by Texas Wahine
Liberals left muddy footprints on the floor after you'd just mopped.

Liberals ate the last piece of cake that you'd planned on having for breakfast.

Liberals let their dog take a dump on your front lawn.

Liberals shook up your soda before you opened it.

Liberals left the toilet seat up and forgot to flush.

Liberals drank the last of the milk and put the carton back in the fridge.

Liberals got in line in front of you at the post office and paid for their book of stamps with loos...
June 10, 2005 by Texas Wahine
While our resident Colonel has been ranting about all things military and Bush-related and put out a lot of stats and assertions that are questionable, he is right about one thing.

The US Army is unable to keep up with recruitment goals and keep up the desired troop level.

Here are the facts:

While the May recruitment numbers were not available until today, according to a cnn article, the Army fell about 25% short of its recruitment goal (6,700, lowered from an original target of 11,050...
March 22, 2005 by Texas Wahine
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