I spoke to Sabrina today and she is hoping to go home in the next few days.  She is very sore, but getting up and around and walking several times a day.  She said she's been pretty out of it for the past two days since the surgery, but she is nice and coherent now. 

Because of her lowered immune response, her doctor would like to get her home and away from hospital germs as soon as it's safe to do so.  It's just not quite time for her to go home yet.

She has, of course, made a scene with a nurse or two, tales I'm sure she'll share when she's home and feeling much better.  For being such a baddie, though, I did hear a nurse who came in to check on her say "I heart you" to her...so she obviously can't be that evil.  HAHA. 

She is recovering, though, and seems to be in good spirits despite the pain and discomfort she's in.



on Nov 12, 2008

"I heart you."

"Fuck off, ya twat!"

Glad to hear she's doing well.


on Nov 12, 2008

Wow, I HAVE been away.  What's up with Little Whip?  I'm glad to hear she's doing all right, though.

on Nov 12, 2008

Hahaha...Sabrina.  I can only imagine what a terror she is in the hospital.  

I hope that she'll heal fast, and I hope that she'll reap some health rewards in the future from the soreness now...

on Nov 12, 2008

Sabrina pissing people off? Say it ain't so!!!!


on Nov 12, 2008

Give her my regards if you should speak to her again.  Glad everything went well!

on Nov 13, 2008

I've mentioned to her one too many times, I suspect, that she reminds me of my Ex.  Goodness, the woman had a way with words!  Be well, Sabrina.


on Nov 14, 2008

Thanks for the update.

I read somewhere that people who are cantankerous in the hospital heal faster than those who are placid.  If true, LW should be just fine!  

on Nov 18, 2008

Hmmmm...chocolate.  I could probably swing some of that...

on Nov 25, 2008

I've uttered this somewhere else today, but it's suitable here, too.  Take it easy.

send me your mailing address again?  stopsonadimeatyahoodotcom