Has anyone else come across speculation that Sarah Palin's youngest child is NOT her child? 

Her pregnancy announcement came as a shock to those around her, as she announced it when she was 7 months along, and apparently, not looking the slightest bit pregnant.


A pic of her at 6 months pregnant (before the news was out):


Supposedly, her 16 year old daughter was taken out of school for 5 months for an extended case of mono.  Here's a pic of the family (6 months into the pregnancy?).


I had also read it mentioned that Sarah's water broke in TX...she gave a 30 minute speech, and then flew 11-12 hours back to Alaska with premature labor and delivered in Alaska.

I don't know if any of this is true or not, although it kind of looks like it might be.  IMO, it's not politically significant (if it's true, she was just protecting her daughter/taking care of her family).  I guess it would have been bad for their family if she didn't cover it up?  I dunno.  Just thought it was plausible and interesting. 



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on Aug 31, 2008

I don't know if there is any truth to this or not.  If they can verify and prove this, then it should be made public.   I really think that the McCain campaign would have looked into rumors like these before they made her the VP pick.  I do know that I read another report that said she was leaking amniotic fluid in Texas which is a concern but not the same as your water breaking.  It also said that she contacted her doctor who told her that she could go ahead and make the flight back to Alaska.  Also isn't it much more likely that the 44 year old mother had a downs syndrome baby than the 16 year old?  It all seems a bit too desperate housewives to be true to me. Also if untrue how horrible for the daughter to have to deal with these rumors at 16. 

on Aug 31, 2008

Yeah, it does seem too obvious to have been missed, haha.

Leaking amniotic fluid that early, and while carrying a baby who is potentially going to need extra medical attention upon delivery, does not seem like a "go ahead and do your speech and then fly to ALASKA" thing to me, but everything I have read has been hearsay anyways. 

I agree it seems more likely that a 44 year old would have a DS child.

I dunno.  I am sure it will be dissected in depth soon, haha.  I don't think, if it were true, that it's necessarily a bad thing.

on Aug 31, 2008


I don't believe it.

First, I know a few marathon runners who at 6 months could easily cover their belly with a jacket or sweater.  And actually since the baby came a month early the photo was when she was only about 5 months along.

Second, think about how many people would have to lie.  Not just lie, but RISK THEIR CAREERS by lying.  She didn't try to give birth at home (where this would HAVE to happen to take place).  She gave birth at Mat-Su Regional Medical Center in Wasilla.

Here is an early pic from the Juneau Paper.  Look at her face.  It is "fat" compared to how she looks now.

Also, she was "leaking" fluid and talked with her Dr on the phone..he said, no big come on home. 

Check out this link....



on Aug 31, 2008

I had also read it mentioned that Sarah's water broke in TX...she gave a 30 minute speech, and then flew 11-12 hours back to Alaska with premature labor and delivered in Alaska.

Wow! I couldn't hold back a good crap that long.

on Aug 31, 2008

Wow! I couldn't hold back a good crap that long.


I leaked for two weeks before my first son was born.  They actually shoulda induced me a week earlier.  When he was born I didn't have any water. 

on Aug 31, 2008

I leaked for two weeks before my first son was born.

After  a couple of cups of coffee and my 6 mile run this morning I wasn't sure I was gonna make it back to the house in time before I lost my mucuos plug. But I did! Just...barely.

(okay sorry Tex I'll stop now I promise )

on Aug 31, 2008

Tova:  There is a chick in one of my mommy groups who is about a week ahead of me who has a flat stomach, but damn if that doesn't seem weird to me. 

Good point about the hospital.

Shovel:  LOL. 

Tova:  Ugh.  That's terrible.  Leaking isn't always bad (sometimes a hole can seal itself up) but I would think, especially when she was not due for another month, that they would at least caution her to be checked.  Not to mention there's an infection risk when the bag has ruptured. 

It makes for a good conspiracy theory.

on Aug 31, 2008

  @ your mucus plug.  Hahahahhahahaa.

on Aug 31, 2008

Really says a lot about the left if they would start throwing this kind of sludge around.

But yea, I could see how this is relevant but Obama's admitted drug use is no biggie to the same people.

on Aug 31, 2008

You beat me to the punch, TW.  I was about to post the DK link.

As if we needed any more evidence how insane those people are.  What garbage.

on Sep 01, 2008

Draginol:  I can see where it's kind of a crass thing to speculate about.  For some reason it is an interesting little mystery to me, though. 

I had not read anything about drug use re: Obama, but I don't read political sites.  The first I heard of this was on a mommy site, but it WAS a political discussion, and nothing was mentioned about Obama's drug use...wonder why?

Daiwa:  Yeah, after I read it mentioned I tried to look up the source for it and there were a few different blogs but most referenced back to DK.

It seems plausible to me, but I think, like Tova and Loca said, this wouldn't slide under the radar for the McCain campaign to begin with and surely a lot of details are completely verifiable to someone who has access.  Not that I think it matters either way.  I don't think, if it were true, that it would be wrong to do something like that, anyways.  I mean, it would be a mom protecting her daughter and her family.  Politicians lie and cover up a lot more sinister things as a matter of course.

In some ways it seems like people are just looking for reasons to hate Palin.  A lot of the criticism I have read has less to do with her politics and more to do with things like how quickly she went back to work after delivery or whether it's fair to take on the VP spot with a special needs child at home, which is all pretty catty and petty, I think.




on Sep 01, 2008

Thanks for the link, Diawa.  I had not seen that page.

The pics are what make me wonder.  The daughter really does look pregnant, and the mom really doesn't.  Not that it matters, I guess, but really...it seems strange!

ETA:  After doing more googling, I think I have come to the conclusion that the rumor is NOT true.  I think it's just coincidence that mom looks so fit and daughter has a gut.  I watched a pod cast of Sarah at what would have been around 6 months (before her announcement) and as she moved it looked like she had a tummy.  I guess clever clothing choices could hide it for some women.

And the pic where the daughter looks pregnant was taken (I think?) around 7 months of pregnancy.  Even if the daughter were the one pregnant, I would expect more of a tummy and mom's clothing is bulky and could be hiding anything.

I wonder what the Palin family think of this?  Wonder if they're laughing their asses off over all the speculation...

on Sep 01, 2008

I wonder what the Palin family think of this?  Wonder if they're laughing their asses off over all the speculation...

They were probably wondering what the left would come up with; how personal and insulting an ad hominem it would be.

I suppose the family had already ruled out some sort of political point against her. I guess it then came down to accusing her of some crime, infidelity, or whether the left could make up something more insulting.

Anyway, this does it for me. Unless the story is true, this makes it clear to me that she is the right person for the job. With enemies like that, she must be good.


on Sep 01, 2008

Well, if it's true, the McCain camp did a terrible job at picking her without knowing this or even worse, knowing. Which is why I have a bit of a hard time believing it. I don't go by pictures because I have seen many women go for many months without showing (the ytoung girl at my job did not show till she was 7 months) while at the same time I have seen many who are not but seem to be pregnant. If she did, she did what other mothers would have done, it's their lives. I don't think protecting a daughter would make for a bad politician. If it's about lying, that is part of being a p[olitician, they all lie.

Interesting article.

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