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Now that I have a daughter, I get to enjoy first hand experience with the battle to find age appropriate clothing.  It starts VERY young.

My current issue is with Halloween costumes.  Isabella loves to pretend to be a kitty.  She crawls around and warbles and exaggerated "Meeeeoooow".  She loves Tom and Jerry.  A kitty cat is the perfect thing for her to "be" for Halloween. 

You would think it would be very simple to find a plain cat costume for a toddler.  I'm thinking probably lots of little ones have been cats throughout the years.  Xavier was a kitty cat one Halloween years ago. 

It's not so simple, though.  So far I've found exactly one costume that is just a plain, simple cat.  And it's out of stock.

What I did find, however, were plenty of sexy/suggestive/not age appropriate cat costumes for toddler girls.  Is it just me or are these costumes things you would never put your two year old little girl in?

I realize the two jumpsuits should be ok, but really, they have the whole 70's skin-tight body suit vibe.  Just a little too adult for me.  And the second one?  Ugh.  Maybe it's just the positioning of the little girl in the photo.

All I know is, my daughter won't be a "Kitty Princess", "Wild Cat", or "Pretty Kitty".  These costumes just don't seem appropriate AT ALL.


on Aug 18, 2008

Just get her some little ears and a tail, she can wear her own sweatsuit and paint a cute kitty nose and whiskers.  Viola - cute kitty.  

I absolutely agree that they try to sexualize girls at earlier and earlier ages.  I actually saw somewhere that they had little HEELS for babies, maybe it wouldn't have seemed so bad if they weren't leopard print!  It's just insane.  My personal pet peeve are the shorts and sweats that have words written on the butt.  It's just like a great big sign saying look at my little girls butt please.  Why would you want to draw attention there?  I just don't get it. 

Sometimes I am so glad I have boys.  None of this is an issue. 



on Aug 18, 2008
I will probably do a home-made kitty costume. She is picky about clothes, so I don't know how much she would like a full body costume anyways. Do you remember her peacock costume from last year? LOL, it really pissed her off!

The boys want costumes that don't exist, haha, so we will have to make those up too. I think in some ways it's more fun that way. They are more proud of a costume they came up with than one they bought that's just like all the other kids'.

I found it disturbing how "adult" the costumes for toddler girls are. The boy stuff isn't that way at all, but girl things are just...I dunno...suggestive.

I don't understand the purpose of heels for babies, LOL. What is the point? I think heels are an adult thing, though, and not appropriate for children. I say that, but Isabella does have some little mary janes with a chunky heel, but it's not a spike heel.

She has a hand-me-down sweatsuit (well, two) with words on the butt. One is piglet and one is Eeyore. The hoodie has ears (Eeyore or piglet) and the character's face on the front, and the sweats have Eeyore or Piglet on the butt. It doesn't bother me as much for babies, but I wouldn't buy her something like that myself probably. And definitely not as she gets older.

There are some things I think are cuter and innocent when a baby is little because they are just chubby and androgenous (spelling). When they start slimming down, I think different rules apply.

I think that second kitty costume is really frightening. It just seems very wrong to me for some reason. It looks like something a grown woman might wear to an adult party or even in the bedroom. I don't know, maybe it's the pose that bothers me. Ugh.
on Aug 20, 2008

Well, the 2 jumpsuits are way too heavy for TX but I suppose they would be okay if you got a size that was not skin tight. (My son had a suit like that one year and he wore it over his regular clothes)

The middle one looks like a tap/jazz costume!  Not a trick or treat costume!


Why don't you just get her a cute dress (that she can wear again) and add nose/ears and a tail?

PS want to get together on Thurs after the meet the teacher?

on Aug 21, 2008

Goodness, I can't agree more!  I've seen some costumes over the years, even regular clothing!  It will be that time of year again soon won't it?!

on Aug 21, 2008