Published on October 23, 2007 By Texas Wahine In XBOX
My 7 year-old has decided on a Halo 3 theme for his birthday party. It's going to be a shared party with his daddy who just returned from Iraq.

I have searched and haven't found any place that offers Halo party supplies, so I am going to have to kind of make this up as I go. The invites will be like paper 360 controllers and I am hoping to do the cake like a (3D) Master Chief helmet. If that turns out to be too ambitious I will just do a round cake with the Halo 3 logo.

We're going to serve the Halo 3 Mountain Dew for drinks and one of the activities will be playing Halo 3. We also have some figurines that can be used as decorations.

Anyone have any ideas for games, snacks, or decorations? We will be entertaining a handful of little ones, mostly boys, and maybe some daddies if they tag along. TIA!

on Oct 23, 2007
That sounds like fun.  I don't have any brilliant suggestions. I know you're shocked.  I've disappointed.  My boys play Halo at their friends house but I really don't know too much about it.  I don't know how long it takes to play a game or if you can go one and one and have a winner but if that's a possibility a mini Halo tournament might be fun.   Even more fun if you could have dad and son teams.  You could always do a pinata.   Of course, being supermom you will make this yourself like the Master Chief Helmet.  Oh and then you could do some version of pin the tail on the donkey just change the tail to and donkey to whatever fits the theme.  The old games are best.  I love the Mountain Dew idea.  That rocks.  If you want to be unPC, you could give all the boys "blasters" or whatever type of guns they use in this game and let them have a war.   I'll be watching for the slideshow.  Really you can do just about any snack, just change the name to go with the theme.  I said I had no ideas but I just keep thinking of things now.  You could do your decorations in an outer space theme.  Is it outerspace or another planet?  I think I'm too ignorant of the game to be of service.  I will have to ask my boys when they wake up.  Then they will want a Halo 3 party but think that the system and game comes with it. 
on Oct 23, 2007
When we had my BIL's kids I threw a video game party for one of their football teams. I don't know if you can find one but we borrowed a projector and put it on the wall of our car port. It was a huge hit with them. Madden was larger than life.

I know the Halo 3 images are out on the net and I'm pretty sure someone has a font for printing if you feel very creative.
on Oct 23, 2007
No suggestions, but definitely hope that the party goes well and is all that the youngster wants it to be.
on Oct 23, 2007
You're a brave woman for doing this at home!

Here's a link to a video game party theme Link. They suggest finger foods like tacos and small burritos and other foods as well as other clever ideas. The website has a lot of clever party ideas for other themes too!

on Oct 23, 2007
For party favors, you might look at the relatively new Halo Actionclix game from WizKids games. Link If boosters of that are too expensive, you could buy a couple and just give each kid one or two figures, or give one or two away as prizes. (Getting your boy a starter set from the game might make a good present, too, but be warned that collectible games can be addictive... not necessarily for playing, but for well (duh) collecting.)

Have a great party. I'm sure that Dad being there will be the biggest plus to the whole event, though.